Types of Evidence
A personal learning log -

This is a record (like a diary) of the applicant learning experiences which are relevant to his/her work as a teacher. This is written by the applicant and will describe the activity, what has been learnt and how that learning is being applied in teaching.

A reference letter -

This is written by a senior colleague who is familiar with the work of the applicant as a teacher of family medicine who can attest to the quality of the applicant’s teaching and his/her development as a teacher.

A multi-source feedback -

This is a structured survey, using a standardised form, of individuals from different backgrounds who have been directly involved in the applicant’s work as a teacher. The applicant should include a reflection on the outcome and what has been learnt. Some institutions may have such  forms or questionnaires, alternatively these can be developed by the applicant.

Learner evaluations -

Evaluations may be from students, trainees, peers, GP teachers or other health workers. The applicant will  describe how his/her teaching has changed as a result.

A list of publications -

This is a list of published items on medical education in peer reviewed journals, monographs  or  chapters  in  books.  Each  item  should  include  bibliographic  data which make it accessible to the assessors or alternatively relevant links should be provided.

Copies of abstracts -

These are copies of abstracts of oral contributions or posters presented at national or international conferences, on topics relevant to education in GP/FM. In addition there should be a reflection on their value to the applicant as a GP/FM teacher.

Documentation -

This could be certificates (or other evidence) of attendance and participation in educational events for GP/FM teachers, either as a participant or as a member of the course faculty. The applicant must include a brief reflection on the value of each event to his/her development as a teacher.

Learning and teaching resources -

There will be a description of educational resources that have been developed by the applicant and used in teaching. This will include a reflection on their value to the applicant as a teacher and to the training programme.

A personal statement -

This is a short essay providing information on a specific aspect of  the applicant’s work as a teacher which has not been demonstrated by the other types of evidence, for example:

  • Reflection  – the applicant may be asked to reflect on a specific aspect of his/her work as a teacher.
  • Description  –  the  applicant  may  be  asked  to  describe  an  aspect  of  his/her involvement in the health care system and/or medical education system.

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