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The appraisal structure

The appraisal structure is provided in the “Template for use in the appraisal of portfolios of teaching expertise” which is based on the “Framework for Continuing Educational Development of Trainers in General Practice/Family Medicine in Europe” (a tangible result from the previous project no. 2010-1-PL1-LEO05-11460).

The Template provides the appraisal structure by listing and describing the evidence to be used in the appraisal process of Competent and Expert General Practice/Family Medicine teachers in 13 domains of teacher competence grouped together into 3 major areas and is aimed at ensuring that judgements made in the appraisal of teacher expertise are reliable, valid and can be applied in a European context.


Pass rules for the “expert level” of expertise

In  order to  demonstrate that the  applicant  has  received the  level  of  an  expert teacher, the following criteria must be fulfilled:

  1. Evidence is required in 5 domains chosen to reflect the applicant’s current teaching practice.
  2. The required 5 domains must be so that:
    1. at least 1 domain is from area 1 – (Learning Environment) and
    2. at least 1 domain is from area 2 – (Provision of Education) and
    3. at least 1 domain is from area 3 – (Educational Process).
  3. The candidate must be judged expert in all of his/her 5 chosen domains.
  4. In each domain at least 3 out of 5 pieces of evidence are required. (OR 2 out of 5 pieces - if the Leonardo EURACT 3 level graduate)
  5. In order to judge the applicant as expert the appraisers will have to agree that the applicant is performing at expert level in at least 3 out of all 5 pieces of evidence from the respective domain. (OR 2 out of 5 pieces - if the Leonardo EURACT 3 level graduate)
  6. The candidate must provide a reference letter which confirms that the candidate is at the  competent level in the remaining 8 domains. The reference letter should be signed by a chosen mentor (head of department or senior colleague).
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