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Aim and scope

Family medicine is characterized by its specific set of knowledge, skills and attitudes. While family medicine is  a young specialty in most European countries in a few countries it is still not recognized as a specialty. It is therefore necessary not only to demonstrate the values of family medicine, but also to continue the positive development of training programmes for current and future general practitioners/family physicians.

Therefore, the European Academy of Teachers in General Practice and Family Medicine (EURACT) has developed a model of an international appraisal of family medicine teachers.

The relevance of such appraisal system is underlined by a European setting with increasing cross-border movement  of people, including doctors; it is advisable to coordinate and develop standards across the borders of the countries in the European Union for the benefits for all its citizens.


Beneficiaries of the appraisal system

The process of appraisal is made available for any general practitioner/family physician teacher in Europe, who fulfils  the following criteria:

  • being actively involved in teaching in GM/FM;
  • having identified a senior colleague as a mentor to support his/her  application;
  • the mentor will be asked to certify that, in his/her opinion the applicant is capable of carrying out the work required to be appraised as competent;


Access to the appraisal process

The appraisal of expertise is carried out using the Electronic portfolio of teaching evidence which constitutes a consistent and reproducible record of performance as a Competent or Expert teacher which can be used across Europe. This is a remote evaluation of the evidence provided by applicants, a face to face meeting will not be required.

The Portfolio operationalizes the comprehensive and complex structure of the Template into a simple, user friendly web based tool, enabling the on-line collection of evidences by applicants and their assessment by appraisers.


Levels of appraisal process

After the applicant submits the documentation, the appraiser is asked to assess the evidence. This is also done online, with the use of a web-based application.

The appraisal process is run by:

  • a national educational appraiser if the applicant apply for the competent level;
  • 2 international educational appraisers if the applicant apply for the expert level.


The whole appraisal process is run in national languages (when applying for the competent level) OR in English (when applying for the expert level).


After the appraiser(s) assesses all the evidence, the final judgment is passed to the applicant. The appraisal process gives a “pass” or “not ready yet” conclusion. If it is a “not ready yet”  conclusion it will be possible for the applicant to see what further efforts must be done – or where further evidence must be collected. An appeal process is also possible for “not ready yet” applicants.


Recognition and certification 

Each successful applicant will receive a relevant diploma confirming recognition of teaching expertise at competent or expert level, signed by the EURACT President.

Successful applicants names will be listed on EURACT’s website and will be published by the national EURACT Council member. The EURACT Council member may be able to inform relevant national educational bodies – after request by an applicant.


Fees and responsibilities

Current EURACT members may apply for an appraisal as a benefit of their membership. A modest fee to cover administrative costs will be charged to all other applicants. 

The whole process is conducted by the EURACT and its special Committee, the Appraisal Task Force.


Benefits from the appraisal

The introduction of an appraisal system for trainers and teachers in family medicine has a triple purpose:

  1. to support, develop, and recognize the standard of the individual trainer/teacher;
  2. to demonstrate the existing high standards of education/training in family medicine in Europe and the ambition for further development;
  3. to coordinate  family medicine training throughout the countries in the European Union.


By enrolling into an international appraisal system trainer and teacher in family medicine are offered a platform for personal professional development of their teaching skills and for an enhanced understanding of the field of medical education in an international perspective.

Family medicine has the ambition to take on a leading role in medical education of high quality. The appraisal process should be seen as a reflection of this. 

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